Mission Statement

  • To create public awareness of hearing loss as an invisible disability
  • To be a “Voice” for Hard of Hearing Canadians
  • To be a group that supports one another
  • To inform and educate the Hard of Hearing

Action on Accessibility

There are many facilities once accessible to the hard of hearing and deafened that are no longer so, because their system does not work or, due to personnel changes no one knows how to use it. Also, over the years new facilities in Hamilton and area have purchased and installed systems that are not well advertised. CHHA Hamilton have decided to create a list of accessible facilities.
If you are aware of any other public buildings or churches that have an infra-red system, teleprompter, rear window captioning, FM system or loop system to assist hard of hearing people, please contact us at : chhahamilton2@gmail.com or 289-780-CHHA (2442).